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Setna iO is an international leader in the aviation spare component marketplace. We are a provider of both new and used components serving the commercial, regional and business aviation world. Setna iO specializes in the service and support of 737NG, 747, 757, 767, 777, A320, A330, ATR72, and Q400 material.

Consider our team your go-to experts on commercial, regional, and private plane maintenance. As your aircraft component supply partner, we help you make cost-effective and structurally sound decisions for your aircraft and flight activities. Our highly trained team of aircraft parts specialists works hard to keep your flight operations straightforward, efficient, and effective.


Setna iO is an ASA-100 accredited supplier. Click the button to the right to view our Certificate.

Our Services Include:

Sales and Exchange Programs

At the core of our business is our robust sales and exchange programs. We store all of our materials and equipment in a climate-controlled warehouse within minutes of O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. In our warehouse, we manage the sales, loans, and exchanges of strategically stocked high-demand rotables. We keep the following inventory in stock:

  • APU and engine components
  • Avionics equipment
  • Wheels and brakes
  • QEC (Quick Engine Change) hardware
  • Emergency equipment
  • Sensors
  • Actuation Systems

Whether you’re looking for a particular aircraft part or you need to engage in a fair rate exchange, Setna iO is your partner We’re committed to offering competitive purchasing rates and delivering long-term value in each of the products we sell and manage.

If we don’t have a particular item in our inventory, we’re happy to locate and obtain it on your behalf. Our customer service and response time is world class.

Loans and Repair Management

When an aircraft part breaks down, allow our team to get you off the ground and flying confidently with our loans and repair management services. If you’re not ready to exchange a part or invest in a new one, Setna iO can assist in managing the repair, including piece part sourcing to assist is total cost reduction.

Our services include locating parts in circulation, repair tracking and support, and transactional settlement support. We not only give you access to the parts you need; we also help you uncover the most cost-effective solutions available.


When you work with any aircraft support company, logistics play a significant role in transaction management. Setna iO offers complete logistics management support. Whether you’re working directly with our product inventory or through an exchange program, we manage the research, price analysis, RFQ process, and more. Our goal is to give you freedom of choice and access to the best deals in the marketplace today.

Single Source Parts Procurement

The aircraft maintenance and support industry is highly specialized. At Setna iO, we serve as a single-source parts procurement partner for clients who fly all over the world. In this role, we support international clients and have the resources needed to legally manage our parts transactions with all of our clients.

Our team takes the time to truly understand client expectations. We then go above and beyond to deliver a superior product at a competitive price. We have the vendor and private aircraft management relationships needed to help you find the best deals. You won’t need to go anywhere else when you partner with our team of experts.


In an aviation consignment partner, customers are looking for parts protection, maintenance, and a strong sales effort. Buyers are looking for the right product at the right price, all with excellent customer service.

At Setna iO, we manage consignment inventories and cater to clients from around the world. Our same day shipping is designed for emergencies and high-priority maintenance activities. Our location is ideally suited for shipping and climate-controlled parts management. Sellers and buyers win when they partner with Setna iO for consignment evaluation, repair, quality assurance, and sales.

24/7 AOG Service

For serious problems, you need a parts supplier you can trust to deliver quality support when needed. Our team is available 24/7/365 for those unexpected delays and emergencies that get in the way of your flight schedule.

The number one goal at Setna iO is to keep you flying in a safe and secure environment. We’re dedicated to making sure we meet your need for high-quality parts as soon as humanly possible. From sourcing technical support to shipping your loan, exchange, or new part, we have every resource at our disposal to help you get back up in the air. Call 312-549-4459 for immediate support.

Aviation Asset Management/Acquisitions

How you manage your assets can make or break your experience in the aviation industry. Instead of worrying about inspections, regulatory requirements, paperwork, and other asset management activities, allow us to take over while you spend time making the most of your aviation activities.

Our aviation and finance experts can manage new acquisitions and overall aircraft asset management. Setna iO asset management services include parts sales and repair management, lease restructuring, repossession, compliance management, and routine inspections.

Consumables Management

Aircraft owners need access to a constant supply of related consumables, including hydraulic fluid, shop supplies, adhesives, oil, sealants, safety equipment, and more. Our consumables management program is designed to lower costs associated with ongoing product needs and to provide you with access to the materials you need.

Improve the efficiency of your operations with streamlined support, and benefit from partnering with one go-to resource for all your aviation management needs. Consolidated billing and set order histories allow our clients to focus on more compelling aviation activities.

Setna iO is proud to provide our customers with a 24 hour AOG service.

Please call us at 312-549-4459 at any time for assistance from a team member.

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